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Book: Accessing Moodle
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Date: Thursday, 6 August 2020, 10:26 PM

If you have 'connected' your Office 365 account to moodle as shown below, you will now log into Moodle a slightly differently...

You will no longer use the username and password field. Instead, click on the Yeovil College 365 button and enter:

  • Office 365 username (username ajoined to '')

  • College IT password

If you have any problems, please contact


All Moodle accounts will automatically be connected using this method of signing in from late August, for the start of term in September 2020.   

Do you get an error whilst trying to log in?

If you also have access to other Office 365 accounts, such as a personal/work account or from a partnership institution account such as a different college or university, you may receive an error whilst trying to login using the Yeovil College 365 button. 

Why does this happen?

As your Moodle account will be linked to your Yeovil College 365 credentials, if you are logged into your internet browser using a non Yeovil College Office 365 account, Moodle login will not be recognized.    

How do I get around this?

  • Method 1: Logout of your current Office 365 account, close all your tabs and browser window. Then re-open your internet browser and attempt to log into Moodle. This should clear the other Office 365 credentials from your session.

  • Method 2: Switch profiles on your internet browser. Most current internet browsers allow you to switch profile or change to a guest profile by selecting the profile icon (normally found in the top right corner of the browser screen). Once profiles are switched, a new browser window will open and you should be able to login.

  • Method 3: Use a different internet browser all together. If your device has more than one internet browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge etc., try logging into Moodle via the alternative browser.  If no other Office 365 account has been used on this browser, Moodle sign in should work error free.    

What if I am still having problems logging in?

If you have navigated to and you are either prompted to sign in, or have already signed into your Yeovil College Office 365 account, you should be able to sign into Moodle via the Yeovil College 365 button as described.

However, if this is not the case, please try logging in using the username and password fields on the Moodle login page. 

Your username will be your Office 365 username without ''. The password will be your current college password.  

If you are still unable to login via this method, please email for support.