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Course: Moodle at Yeovil College (Moodle)
Glossary: Digital Tools Repository



Flipped classroom assessment platform which allows collaborative working and creation of a variety of learning activities, grading and student portfolios. 



Storybird is a fantastic interactive tool which allows you to create stories or written content as online visual or picture books. 

Study Blue

Study Blue 

Excellent digital software (with mobile apps availiable) allowing the creation of flashcards and study notes for individuals and classes. 

It also generates a variety of interactive quizzes for users to test their knowledge. 


SumoPaint is an online image editor and drawing tool which allows you to create and edit images and photographs in intricate detail. 

Survey Monkey

One of the best known survey websites, Survey Monkey is simple to use and distribute, with different features and tools to help create surveys and crunch data.




A free data visualisation tool which requires you to download the software before use. Creates an interactive visualisation that can be embedded in a website or shared.



Search and collect social media posts and links to information by using Tagboard to search and organise any hashtag. You can also create embeddable, personalised tagboards for linked users and groups to share information and research swiftly.




Description: Create instantly engaging word clouds to illustrate and inform your displays, posters and presentations.A fantastic way to introduce and explore key terms and issues by displaying linked words.

Teaching Tree

Teaching Tree is an advanced searchable platform that allows anyone to organise educational content. Contains information on computer science, databases, computer systems and coding for creation. 

Ted Ed

Ted Ed is a digital lesson tool, allowing you to curate content from the TEd Ed collection to create an interactive digital lesson. 

Integral to TED's youth and education initiative, this site also has original educational videos, TED talks and content.