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Glossary: Digital Tools Repository


Scratch is free online software that allows  you to program and create your own interactive stories, games and animations. 

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard is an Apple app which allows you to turn an iPad or compatible device into an interactive whiteboard.

Includes voiceover recording capacity, easy to share and upload, etc. 


Skitch is an Apple app which allows you to take a photo, annotate and mark it, then share it.

Useful for revision or note taking.




Description: Community repository for sharing slides, infographic, presentations and documents to inform and educate. Fantastic for networking and showcasing knowledge. SlideShare presentations can be inported into your LinkedIn account.



Create your own digital How To Guide . Link:



Classroom app for creation of quizzes and assessments; includes multiple choice, true/false and open ended question options, with instant grading and results. 



Flipped classroom assessment platform which allows collaborative working and creation of a variety of learning activities, grading and student portfolios. 



Storybird is a fantastic interactive tool which allows you to create stories or written content as online visual or picture books. 

Study Blue

Study Blue 

Excellent digital software (with mobile apps availiable) allowing the creation of flashcards and study notes for individuals and classes. 

It also generates a variety of interactive quizzes for users to test their knowledge. 


SumoPaint is an online image editor and drawing tool which allows you to create and edit images and photographs in intricate detail.