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A collection of free online resources to aid the enhancement of blended learning within your course. These digital tools are available as teaching aid/summative assessment for lecturers and as a means for students to demonstrate knowledge gain via the use of interactive technology.

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Description: A prezi is a presentation of text and visuals that you zoom in and out of. It is very similar to a power point, except you do not make slides. Instead, you make one big prezi and zoom in to different views. You can show a prezi to others on a computer through your prezi account, or you can link to them.




Quill offers an interactive teaching tool for writing and grammar skills. 


Quizziz is a free tool to create interactive quizzes and content for students, and is especially designed for distance learning.


Read Write Think Resources

Read Write Think

Educational teaching and learning website with interactive resources arranged via subject or skill. 


Web Search engine designed for students and anyone in education aiming to make academic knowledge easily accessible to everyone. Searches a huge number of books, journals, web pages, encyclopaedias and more.




Scratch is free online software that allows  you to program and create your own interactive stories, games and animations. 

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard is an Apple app which allows you to turn an iPad or compatible device into an interactive whiteboard.

Includes voiceover recording capacity, easy to share and upload, etc. 


Skitch is an Apple app which allows you to take a photo, annotate and mark it, then share it.

Useful for revision or note taking.




Description: Community repository for sharing slides, infographic, presentations and documents to inform and educate. Fantastic for networking and showcasing knowledge. SlideShare presentations can be inported into your LinkedIn account.



Create your own digital How To Guide . Link:

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