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Google Forms

Free creation of forms, surveys, polls and quizzes - a good choice for current Google + and Gmail members as you need to sign in. Link:

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a collaborative spreadsheet tool, which allows you to add and manage data, analyse and create graphs individually or collectively. 

One of the Google suite of applications, you will require a Google account to use this tool. 

Survey Monkey

One of the best known survey websites, Survey Monkey is simple to use and distribute, with different features and tools to help create surveys and crunch data.



Tricider is a free communal voting tool - use this digital tool to ask questions or vote on decisions. It allows participants to comment and share ideas in an online environment.


Wakelet is a curation tool where you can ssave and share all kinds of digital content, from web pages to images, multimedia to social media. 

It's free and has apps available. It also allows collaboration. 


Zoho is a cloud based spreadsheet application which allows you to work collaboratively online.



Doceri is an interactive whiteboard app for creation and presentation on the iPad (or Apple devices). It will also screencast content remotely. 


Edmodo is a digital classroom tool which allows the creation of groups, activities and assessments. 



A game-based learning and trivia platform, allowing creation and sharing of quizzes, games, discussions and surveys. 


Mathigon is an online maths resource with lesson content and interactive activities and virtualisation. Can be used for GCSE and A Level.

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