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Grammarly is a free digital tool which scans your typing and checks for grammatical errors within a browser window. 

It can be installed as a free Chrome or Firefox extension. 

Hemmingway App

Hemmingway App is a free editing application which helps fine tune your writing skills. Users paste written content into the app, and it assesses your writing and makes suggestions for improvement, including tips on rewording sentences, simpler alternatives, and allowing for formatting. 


iSeek is a targeted search engine for students and teachers, which searches trusted academic resources and allows you to filter by levels, subjects and more. 

OER Commons

OER Commons is a public digital library of open access educational resources. 

It also offers interactive lesson creation tools and opportunities to share content. 


Penultimate is a free digital handwriting app for the iPad or Apple devices. It allows you to sketch, write notes, and record what you need.

link to download


Pocket is a free app which allows you to store online content - files, articles, videos, blogs, etc - for reading offline, anytime.

Designed for use with mobile phones, tablets and other devices. 



Web Search engine designed for students and anyone in education aiming to make academic knowledge easily accessible to everyone. Searches a huge number of books, journals, web pages, encyclopaedias and more.


Virtual LRC

Virtual LRC is designed as an online LRC, this indexes thousands of the best academic information websites, selected by teachers and library professionals worldwide, in order to provide to students and teachers current, valid information for school and university academic projects. Which might be handy.


Meta search engine that organises results in topical clusters and allows you to pinpoint exact resources quickly.



Zotero is a digital tool that helps you collect, organise, cite and share research. 

Includes a citation creation tool, web search tool, organisation tool and more. 

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