A Collection of Moodle related resource pages to help you utilise your course page to aid, inspire and guide students using digital learning. 

A guide to aid both new and experienced lecturing staff on using Moodle effectively. Subjects covered include: 

  • Admin processes to be carried out by Moodle course lecturer
  • Editing course layout to fit programme requirements
  • Using Core Moodle resources and activities effectively
  • e-Marking, Feedback and Gradebook

Enrolment on this course will give you teacher rights to utilise the template activities on this course. These pre-made activities are empty, but the settings vary to give unique functionality. 

'Turn editing on' and use the sharing cart block to transfer the premade activities into your own course. How the activities work are included in the label field below each activity.  

This course is not currently open for viewing.

This course is an example of a high quality online moodle provision, utilizing relevant acitvities and resources to give the best possible moodle experience to their learners. When you enrol on this course, explore the features layout and functionality. Could you improve your own Moodle practice from what you have seen?

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