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Description: Simple online graphic design tool for making banners, magazine covers, menus, presentations and all whole range of promotional material.  

Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me is a useful digital tool which will provide guidance with generating citations for various types of digital content. However, it may vary, so worthwhile checking over references with your lecturer or a member of Learning Centre staff.


ClassDojo is a free digital classroom which allows teachers to create and share communications and learning with both parents and students. It includes messaging, story feeds to update about activities, achievements and events, and allows students to create a portfolio.


Classflow is an all-in-one platform for delivering interactive lessons with embedded content.

Combines a presentation tool with a student response system, for a variety of class and learning styles. 

Code Academy

Code Academy is a free MOOC style online course which offers quick practical sessions teaching how to code and designed to have instant results. 

It includes courses on: HTML; CSS; JavaScript; jQuery; Python; Ruby; PHP; APIs. 


Coffitivity is a white noise generator - for those who find it calming, this can help enhance productivity. You can also control intensity of sound.


CoSchedule is a headline analyser tool for those producing online content and interested in improving marketing, traffic and SEO. 

Type your headline for digital content into the analyzer and it will score it and help you strengthen your marketing technique. 

Crossword Labs

Free tool to create a crossword for teaching and learning activities.